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How to get laid in Vietnam

The only thing more beautiful than a woman in Vietnam is a woman with good looks. This is the only way a man can get laid. You may ask how a guy can be so lucky to get laid by women from Vietnam. The answer is simple, the girls from Vietnam are very beautiful. You'll know what I mean if you see a girl on the street. You can't help but stare at her and try to find out how she looks. You don't want to be so bad and get caught and think that the guys from Vietnam are ugly. When I go to the supermarket I see many Vietnamese girls walking around. They're all wearing big, colorful dresses and high heels. They're very cute. I don't know why. I'm not sure how people from Vietnam can look like that. The Vietnamese girl is wearing her clothes for a reason. It looks sexy to me. I want to go to a restaurant where they're dressed like that.

When you're at a restaurant, if you see a girl with a really good outfit on, then you say:

"Hey, why don't you go look at my stuff?" In most of my previous posts, you have seen many of the photos of me posing in different outfits. Now, let's go on a journey of my adventure of how I got to know and meet the girls from Vietnam, who now are friends.

First of all, let me tell you that I was born in Vietnam and grew up there. I have a Vietnamese father and a Thai mother. This makes me the youngest of 4 siblings in a family that includes 2 brothers and a sister. I am a happy kid, and I love living in this little country. I never had a bad day growing up here. I even went to a local school, the local Catholic school. It was a small community of about 200 kids in a town of 10,000 in northern Vietnam. I did well in school and I was a good kid.

I was always told by my older siblings that I wasn't as good as the rest of the kids. I was teased about it by other kids. "Why don't you just go away and play somewhere else, and let me know if you ever get in trouble?" "You'll be alright, I just need to watch you." "You're so fat, you can't be the strongest kid in school." "It'll be better for you to go play soccer." "You should be in the Army. You won't be able to do what you need to do to be in the Army." "You need to go to Vietnam." And so on. I would have laughed all of these, but it didn't bother me much. I felt proud of my accomplishments in school. I didn't have any friends and I wasn't interested in any of the girls. But one day I was walking through the woods and my mind came to me. I looked up at the sky and thought, "Maybe there is a way to go back to Vietnam and play in the army!" "I've only had one shot at a career, and I'm going to try and do something that's a little bit more." So I just did it. A few weeks later I was walking to the grocery store, and I said to myself, "I could do that!" I did a little bit of scouting, and I didn't have any real experience. But I started going around looking for the girls and I got the numbers. It wasn't that hard, and it paid off, I had a girlfriend and a job! A lot of people never thought it would happen, and most of them still don't have it. I don't want to be that guy and I'm not going to make that mistake again. That's how it started for me. So this is where you come in! This is your chance to be one of the ones who gets laid in Vietnam. You can be an accountant, a doctor, a journalist, or even a teacher, this is all up to you, this is your time to prove your worth. I've got some tips for you, if you have any, please leave a comment. I want to hear them, if you think you have what it takes, please comment, and I'll add you to the list! The more, the better! So far, about 300 people have left comments, so you've got a chance to show off some of your skills. The more you leave, the better your chances of being part of this fun, crazy, wonderful world. I'm so pumped to be a part of this!

So first things first, you're going to need to be 18 or over. I'm 18, but if you're younger, you can make it work. You don't have to be the best at everything, but I recommend you do some of the basics, and you'll be glad you did. The most important thing is to be able to say no. No means no. It means no to any kind of advances. No means no! If you're not 18, I recommend that you go on some fun dates with a group of friends.